Beloved Community! We are thrilled to announce that Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine recently won another book award.  We just found out yesterday that is won a gold medal in the Spirituality category, Indie Book Award (in addition to a silver nautilus award in photography and art).  This is a TREMENDOUS recognition for many hours (12 years) of devotional service from all of our contributors. These people have merged their creative and spiritual missions for the benefit of the Earth Gaia and the deep spiritual healing of individuals and the macro social systems. 

This book is SO much more than an art book-- it has a powerful spiritual and socio-political message for our current ecological and social crisis. IT IS THE ULTIMATE CALLING OF SACRED ACTIVISM --THE MERGING OF OVER 70 POWERFUL VOICES (mystics, scholars, artists, and musicians). It is a sacred offering to the world at this critical time--a beacon of light to guide you through the global dark night of the soul. It IS the feminine light in the dark night of the soul.   This is not some "pie in the sky" new age rhetoric divorced from real sociological issues. On the contrary, this is VISIONARY REALISM--FIERCE RADICAL TRUTH. It was created with loving intentions for the conscious awakening of the planet, the healing of the Earth, and the global subjugation of the women and minorities.   

If you are interest in seeing the full list of award winners for the Nautilus Book Award and the Indie Book Award you can do so by clicking on the underlined links created on website above. 

We also wanted to announce that we are having a book release celebration and signing at Awake Cafe in Ashland Oregon this Sunday from 7-9 pm.   See facebookevent for more information.

FMA can be used as a scholarly book for courses in Women's Spirituality, Sociology, Transcendental Art and Psychology, MFA, Expressive Arts, Art Therapy, Mysticism, and New Paradigm Culture.  

If you have a spiritual book store, gallery, yoga center, museum, or healing arts center, this book would be a wise purchase as there simply isn't anything like it on the market right now. We are in the process of creating a new cover page with the awards embedded on it, but we would be happy to also send you some stickers if you have already purchased books. 

Please take some time and visit my author page on Amazon and consider purchasing this gorgeous 435 page, full color art book. 

Please also take some time to visit the books website, which has a gorgeous gallery of sample images, information about all the contributing visionary writers and artists, and a full summary of the book.  It also has information about the animated DVD, released in 2009.

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