Guan Yin Healing Arts specializes in affordable therapy, clinical social work, work place evaluations and training, group therapy, life coaching, mindfulness practices, meditation, creative workshops, and on-line courses. My mission is to help individuals and groups live more creative, meaningful, and conscious lives. I achieve this mission by integrating heart, mind, body and soul in the healing process and valuing each person’s individual journey toward wholeness.

At this time in human history, many of us our experiencing a variety of life stressors and problems that can become insurmountable to work through alone.  We all need help on our life journey towards health, wholeness, peace, and self-actualization.  In times of personal despair or ill health, we need to be held in a safe container of compassion, gentleness, and grace.

My ultimate mission is to assist individuals in their search for inner peace, contentment, integration, wholeness, empowerment, and liberation. It is our hearts desire to guide you through the deep cathartic work of healing so that you can birth new wings and ultimately rise to your perfection as the confident and empowered individual that you were meant to be.

I am committed to Integrative Wellness, which is the evolving model in medicine and health care that treats the whole person.  Integrative wellness explores the integration of mind, body, heart and soul. I am devoted to personal and spiritual growth. I understand that there are many layers to healing and awakening, and therefore, don’t profess to have all the answers. I practice passionate humility and reverence for the profound wisdom of each individual’s unique process of healing and the wisdom of their soul to guide them to self-actualization. I are committed to non-judgmentally meeting each individual where they are at on the healing journey, and if you are open, stretch you beyond your comfort zone in order to spur personal growth, which isn’t always an easy task. I understand that you are the expert of your own life and are open to learning from you as to how we can best co-create a an integral and holistic treatment plan that will best meet your needs.

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