Workplace Evaluation and Consultation


If your organization is going through a discordant atmosphere, it is high time to learn and apply the ways to maintain harmony in the workplace.


As a Sociologist and Social Worker, I have a lot of knowledge in micro and macro social systems. Not only can I provide program evaluation, I can also evaluate a work environment by implementing evidence based research practices that work.

With over five years in health care and organizational system experiences, I have a lot of professional experiences and educational background to bring to the table. I can detect unhealthy monkey wrenches in the system and bring them to the light through assertive communication training, analysis of power relations (hierarchical vs. partnership models), psycho-education, effective leadership, team development, program evaluation, conflict resolution, and implementation of regenerative systems that work for all.

With extensive training in conflict resolution, I have been able to resolve emotionally charged conflicts between individuals, families, relationships, marriages, workplaces, and communities.

Why harmonious working relationships are important?

It is common knowledge that people who get on well with each other are more likely to work well together. Improved employee morale—the development of good relationships in the workplace have the potential to improve the mood of employees, making them subsequently more productive.

My diverse experiences in complex healthcare systems and with multi-discipline professionals provide a comprehensive foundation for work in all types of organizations and with human beings in all roles and levels of any organization.

My passion and the focus of my work is to allow individuals and organizations to find within the strengths and answers for effectiveness. All human beings bring forward potential and value. However, not all business owners are trained in democratic leadership styles that work, nor are they aware of idiosyncracies in the work environment that are stifle growth and employee morale.

Communication is at the core of all successful business processes and procedures. As a result I provide communication training for supervisors and employees. Conflict is an inevitable reality that happens in all social settings. However, very few people are trained in healthy ways of resolving conflict. Furthermore, their are a various of resolution styles that people are not aware of. I have helped numerous people learn conflict resolution skills and tools, which have ultimately created more harmony in their personal and work settings. I am currently working on an E-Course for conflict resolution in health care settings that will be released in 6 months.

Using a systems science approach, I am able to take “complex” challenges, break them down in to workable goals with those involved, provide education and conflict resolution in areas that are appropriate, and reveal the strengths within an individual or a group allowing them to move forward to a higher state of well-being for individuals or organizations.

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