Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine, 2018. Awakening Soul Wisdom. See website here.

Women Artists: The Transformation of Identity as Self Created and Socially Constructed.  (Ebook coming soon)

Animated DVD:

Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine, released 2009, Awakening Soul Wisdom

Scholarly Articles about Sociology and Social Work:

The Causes of Poverty in America and Solutions implemented, 2015

Revising Poverty Measurement in the United States, 2014

The Feminization of Poverty in America, 2014

The Death With Dignity Act As A Modern Day Solution To The Right To Die, 2014.

Five Factors Facing The Elderly in A Postmodern Society, 2014.

Postmodernism, Feminism and Identity: Toward a Unification of Knowledge and Self through Consecrated Polarity

Spirituality and Sociology: Cultivating A New Paradigm from Oppositional Dualism to Consecrated Polarity, 2004

Body Speak: A Cathartic Response to the Mechanization of the Body through Rationalism.

The Influence of the Protestant Work Ethic on Sport and Recreation, 1999.

Contingencies of Ignorance in the Sociological Paradigm, 1999.

Published Articles:

“Envisioning the Goddess,” Four Corners Magazine, January, 2009.

“Envisioning the Goddess,” Alaska Wellness Magazine, December, 2008.

“Envisioning the Goddess,” Women of Wisdom Newsletter, December 2008.

“Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine,” Society for the Art of Imagination, Inscape Magazine, winter edition, December 2008.

“Artists Envisioning the Divine.” Shasta Magazine, May, 2008.

“Destination Sun: The Path to Pure Joy,” Timeless Spirit Magazine, March, 2008.

“Women Artists and Identity: The Formation of Identity as Self-Created and Socially Constructed.” Journal of Social Psychology, 2001.

“Postmodernism, Feminism and Identity: Toward a Unification of Self through Consecrated Polarity.” Journal of Social Theory, 2001.

“Sociology and Spirituality: Embracing a New Paradigm.” Journal of Sociology of Religion, 2001.

Art Publications

  • Art published on three covers of Mt. Gazette Magazine, Colorado.

  • Biking Goddess Article with two page spread, Dirt Rag Magazine, Nov., 2004.

  • Art published on three covers of Flagstaff Live, Flagstaff, Arizona.

  • Review of “Towards The Within” show at Cafe Express, Elizabeth Helstern, 5/04.

  • The Noise, Review of Desert Memoirs Show, Mt. Oasis, 2/04.

Speaking Engagements and DVD Showings

  • Book Release Party and Art Show, Bloomsbury Books, April 2018.

  • Oasis Healing Arts Center, Book release and Group Art show, Ashland, Oregon, 2015.

  • Faith and Feminism Conference, DVD Showing, San Francisco, Ca., November 7-9, 2008.

  • Center for the Divine Feminine, Lecture/DVD Showing. Palo Alto, Ca., November 14, 2008.

  • Enchanted Mountain Goddess Conference, DVD Showing, Allegany State Park, Salamanca, New York, November 7, 2008

  • Earth Dance International, DVD Showing, Lafayette, Ca., September 12-14, 2008

  • The Flying Lotus, Lecture/DVD showing, Mt. Shasta, Ca., Sept 6, 2008

  • Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library, Lecture/DVD showing, Ashland, Or., September 5th, 2008.

  • New Renaissance Bookstore, lecture/DVD showing, Portland, Oregon, August 30th, 2008

  • Peace Village Festival, speaker/DVD showing, Ashland, Oregon, August 24-25th 2008, 2009,2012, 2013.

  • Mystic Garden Party, Music and Art Festival, DVD showing, Ashland, Oregon, July 2009,2010.

  • Glastonbury Goddess Festival, DVD showing main stage. Glastonbury, England, July 30- Aug 3rd, 2008.

  • Time For Our Power: Women Bringing Change to Our World, Conference, DVD Showing, Asheville, North Carolina, June 22nd, 2008.

  • Pacific Cultural Center, lecture/DVD showing. Santa Cruz, Ca., June 21, 2008

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