Victoria Christensen, M.A., M.S.W.

Victoria Christensen

Victoria Christensen

I am a sensitive and perceptive Integral Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Sociologist, Mystic, Artist, Speaker, Writer, Educator, and Sacred Activist.  I was raised in Southern Oregon, amidst the emerald forests where I spent most of my leisure time meditating in pristine meadows, hiking, and biking. I have been honing my healing gifts for over 15 years. I am devoted to my own personal and spiritual growth through therapy, nature, shadow work, the cultivation of passionate humility, and a deep respect for all of my profound teachers (All My Relations).  I am a mature woman (47) who has devoted my life to studying various spiritual traditions, healing modalities, social theories, and sacred art. I deeply embrace a diversity of spiritual and religious perspectives and ideologies.

I received a Bachelors of Science from Southern Oregon University, with a major in Sociology and a minor iPsychology.  During my undergraduate studies I worked at Community Works Lithia Springs group home for girls. I was a mentor, life skills trainer, group facilitator, and self-esteem educator for adolescent girls. It was a great experience in interpersonal skills development, rapport building, and boundary setting. I gained more compassion for at=risk kids from challenged home environments.

I obtained a Masters in Applied Sociology in 2001 from Northern Arizona University and graduated with honors (4,0 student).  My specialization was in the Sociology of Gender, Psychoanalytic Sociology, Social Theory, Women’s Studies, and the Sociology of Art.  I did my thesis research on Women Artists And Identity Formation, which was later compiled into an e-book.  In graduate school, I worked at group home called Adventure Discovery, which was an outdoor therapeutic group home for adolescent girls. I implemented eco-psychology principles, mindfulness meditation techniques, and strength/empowerment approach to counseling. Also did more life skills training, group therapy, and individual counseling.

Upon graduation I got a job as Director of Social Services at The Peaks Senior Living Community in Flagstaff, Arizona. I was a medical social worker in a skilled nursing facility working with severely impaired elders with chronic diseases, physical disabilities, and dementia. Some of the job duties for this job were: design and implementation of social service and activity programs for elders, managerial experience, psycho-social assessments and arrangement of social services for seniors, bereavement counseling, discharge planning, care plan meetings, Medicare paperwork and progress notes and interpersonal communications. 

As far as my teaching and advising experience in a higher education setting is concerned, I worked as a part-time sociology instructor at a Coconino Community College in Flagstaff, Arizona, where I taught Sociology 101, Sociology of Gender, and Race/Ethnic Relations.  This job not only involved instruction, but also involved mentoring and advising students about their career and academic choices. The advising included everything from goal setting and planning for students' educational careers, to providing them with the information, resources, and advice necessary to complete their academic program. I also worked collaboratively with faculty and staff in improving student success at Coconino Community College

Later, I embarked on a book project called Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine, which is an anthology and art book that documents to the work of over 70 visionary artists, writers and musicians. It was released in 2018 along with an animated DVD that was released in 2009.  

In 2015, I finished another Masters Degree in Social Work from Portland State University (2012-2015).  I was fortunate to do my clinical internships at La Clinica and Family Solutions, which entailed school based mental health counseling at South Medford High School and Phoenix Elementary School.  I gained a tremendous amount of experience doing individual counseling, as well as some family counseling, and group work.  Not only did this entail applying various theoretical models of counseling practice, but also involved networking with other professionals in the school and community, implementing cultural sensitive practices, and working with school policy. 

For the past four years, I have been doing Medical Social Work for two Home Health Agencies in Medford (Signature and Health Living at Home).  This job provided a lot of clinical experience and problems solving skills.  I helped numerous people apply for a number of social services in Southern Oregon. I also implemented short-term patient centered therapy with a variety of people with physical disabilities, chronic health conditions, geriatric concerns, end of life issues, hospice, grief and loss, psychiatric and mental illness, substance abuse, and financial problems.  I have also done a lot of crisis work for people living on the margins or are homeless.  I handled all of the psychiatric crisis patients at both home health agencies.  I helped a numerous vulnerable senior living in rural areas get access to community resources, and/or, make major life transitions. As a result, I have a strong network of qualified mental health professionals that have mentored me, in addition to case consultation meetings with Clinical Psychologists (PhD).

For the past four years, I have continued to pursue private counseling/coaching and therapeutic groups out of my home office. I gained a tremendous amount of clinical experiences in mental health as I was exposed to a lot chronic diseases, disabilities, numerous mental illnesses and neurosis, social systems in the Rogue Valley, poverty, and crisis intervention. Below are some social work duties I performed on the job. Please see curriculum Vitae for full list of professional experience and job duties:

Medical Social Work Duties: Bio-psycho-social assessments of patients, patient centered treatment planning and

implementation of short term therapy, treatment planning, assisting patients in acquiring various social services,

advocating for patients, conflict resolution, trauma informed care, referring out for various

social services, end of life counseling, geriatric concerns, displayed sensitivity to the cultural

and linguistic needs of the clients and families served, psycho-education about various mental

health and gerontology topics, progress notes, charting, scheduling appointments, proficiency

on medical Software program, setting up care-plan meetings with patient and family member,

attending case conference meetings with other staff members, multi-tasking, self care

practices, stress reduction techniques.

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