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The book is getting excellent reviews on Amazon. We are blessed and honored to have readers say it is an "Opus Magnum" and "Masterpiece Work".

The kindle E-Book is currently on sale for $7.99 from $20.00. And the gorgeous soft cover is $39.99 reduced from $39.99. You can also purchase the SHOW GIRL hardcover for $79.99.

People who have purchased the book has been very happy with the quality of print for the soft cover and hard cover.

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Please take some time and visit my author page on Amazon and consider purchasing this gorgeous 435 page, full color art book.

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We are also proud to announce that Gloria Orenstein wrote the forward for our book.

About the Book:

There is a growing awareness that we are doomed as a species and planet unless we have a radical shift in consciousness and the re-emergence of the Goddess is becoming the symbol and metaphor for this transformation. Feminine Mysticism in Art fills the void of Goddess imagery and wisdom in the West by providing images and writings offered by 65 contemporary visionary artists and writers who have committed their life's work to the re-birth of the Divine Feminine in the West. This book contains deep feminine wisdom's that have the potential to be the medicine for individual and collective healing.

Some of the male and female visionary artists are: AfraShe Asungi, Yasmin Hernandez, Martina Hoffmann, Autumn Skye Morrison, Penny Slinger, Hrana Janto, Heather Taylor, Mark Henson, Abba Yahudah, David Joaquin, Andrew Annenberg, Paul Heussenstamm, etc. Some of the visionary writers are: Anne Baring, Margaret Starbird, Vicki Noble, Llewellyn Vaughn Lee, Lotus, Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman, Anyaa McAndrew, Martina Ball, and so many more. It is an EPIC co-creative effort by powerful voices in the Women's Spirituality movement, the Inter-Spirituality movement, the Transcendental Art movement, and the Ecological movement.

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At this time when women's voices and their creative art is essential to the return of the Divine Feminine in our consciousness, Feminine Mysticism in Art is the flagship. It is the first time so many incredible, powerful images are available in one book along with important narratives to help us understand the many facets of feminine experience. For anyone who desires to further the momentum, purchasing this book and spreading the word about it will be an important contribution to all. Linda Savage PhD

This gorgeous read is an exquisite teacher of what is desperately needed for our societal ecosystems to truly balance and heal. Victoria and contributors take a deep dive into the treasure chest of history's soul and bring to the surface the lost language of our powerful Feminine.
I will return to this gem again and again as both inspiration and reference guide. What a masterpiece!
Suzanne Mathis McQueen, author and moon wise teacher

"A beautiful book at a very important time in our history.
It makes a great coffee table piece with its exquisite and large renditions, but I recommend it goes in your library or on your nightstand. Its insights and wisdom about the feminine principles, if implemented in the minutest of ways in our daily lives, would be a big step in the right direction for making our world a better place." Kent Schoch, musican and writer


"Art, in its highest form, is direct connection with divine source. Art communicates to our soul beyond words and concepts, and can transmit Universal Truth. Feminine Mysticism in Art beautifully shares vast collections of the art of our times, expressing the power and presence of the Divine Feminine and Primordial Sacred Union. I found this book to be an important and timely spiritual and political resource, that shares deeply the empowerment of the feminine, during these evolutionary times."

Andrew Harvey, Founder and Director of the Institute of Sacred Activism,

"The mystical feminine has a vital part to play in the present work of global healing and transformation. Feminine Mysticism in Art awakens us to HER central role. These images and mystical writings speak directly to the soul, reminding us of her eternal presence, her power, and beauty."

Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee, Ph.D, Sufi teacher, author of numerous books on the Divine Feminine

"This exquisite book of astonishing and often haunting images of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Union created by contemporary artists will encourage us to embrace a new reality--that an exclusively masculine image of the Divine is not, and can never be, whole without HER."

Margaret Starbird, M.A, author of "The Woman With The Alabaster Jar."

About the Editors:

Victoria Christian is the head editor of Feminine Mysticism in Art. She is also a contributing artists and writer as she had to "weave" the creative visions of over 65 contributors. Raised in the quaint town of Ashland, Victoria Christian was blessed to grow up in the emerald forests of Southern Oregon, learning as much as she could about the Gaian rhythms of life.

Victoria graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelors of Science in 1996, majoring in Sociology. In 2011, she graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Masters in Applied Sociology, emphasis in Social Theory, Sociology of Art, and Sociology of Gender. She did her thesis research on Women Artists and Identity Formation in a Postmodern Society, which is a major critique of culture and the art world. What emerged from her qualitative research was a developmental model of artistic identity development, which revealed the stages that most women go through in their identification process as an artist. She is in the process of compiling this rich research into a book as it has the potential to empower women artists in a rationally and scientifically oriented culture that is in some ways antithetical to creative development.

Victoria started a second piece of research in 2002 on Feminine Mysticism in Art, which led to the creation of the book FMA. Upon interviewing several mystical artists (male and female), she discovered that most of them were extremely talented, but felt marginalized by the traditional gallery scene simply because their work was "too spiritual," "to political" and "too feminist." As a result, all of the artists felt it was necessary to harness their mission and "publish the map" in order to get their images into the world without compromising their spiritual, political, and visionary voices. The book evolved over 12 years and includes the creative visions of over 65 emerging and established visionary writers and artists.

In 2009, Victoria produced an animated visionary art DVD titled Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine, which has been featured at various music/art festivals, theatrical performances and spiritual conferences across the globe. You can purchase the animated DVD of visionary art and music on Amazon. To view the trailer, see the website:

In 2015, Victoria received a second Masters degree in Social Work through Portland State University and has been working in the trenches as a home health medical social worker helping to empower physically disabled and financially oppressed people through counseling and access to community resources and mentors. Victoria has a counseling and life coaching practice called Guanyin Healing Arts. For more information about her therapeutic modalities and counseling philosophy, see her website:

Susan Stedman is an assistant editor to FMA. She is a court reporter, editor, tarot/astrology counselor and the creator of oral histories documenting the lives of elderly people for future generations. She has raised three daughters, including Victoria Christian, and had many diverse life experiences that have contributed to her wisdom and ability to work with people, including her upbringing as the daughter of a prominent theologian and minister. She draws not only on her own rich history as a preacher's kid and single mom, but also as an anthropology student at Southern Oregon University, freelance editor, and twenty years as a freelance court reporter. Susan is a respected member of the Grandmother's Council in Southern Oregon and has devoted her life to pursuing acts of compassion in her local community. She reads prodigiously and is devoted to a spiritual walk. She and her husband currently reside in Southern Oregon.

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Victoria Christian, MA, MSW
Therapist, Sociologist, Writer, Artist, Sacred Activist

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