Individual Counseling

$80.00 – 60 minute session (office, telephone or online).
$120.00 – 90 minute individual session.

Couples and Family Counseling

$100.00 – 60 minute session (office, telephone or online).
$150.00 – 90 minute couples and family therapy sessions.


If you think therapy might be for you but aren’t quite sure, I’m happy to set up a no-cost 20 minute phone consultation with you. On the call, we’ll talk about what you’re looking for help with, how therapy may benefit you and how I’d plan to work with you on achieving your desired changes.

Life Coaching

$33.00 – 30 minute Session.
$66.00 – 60 minute session.

Group Process Work

$88.00 – 8 sessions, 1 hour per week, for 8 weeks.


We do not offer any billing of insurance companies (see below for more information).

Sliding Scale Payments

We offer sliding scale payments to those who qualify.  


Check, Cash, MasterCard, VISA, and PayPal.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice in advance for cancellations, otherwise you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.  


To make an appointment call or e-mail us at any time.


Do you have more questions?  Please contact us for more information.


Counseling Session Frequency

After an initial “intake” session of 60 minutes, new clients are seen once a week for sessions that typically last 50 to 60 minutes. For clients who cannot afford to come weekly, we offer sessions every other week, providing tools and skill development “homework” between sessions.

We also offer 120-minute couple and family sessions when desired.

Phone, Face Time and Skype Sessions

We offer phone, Face Time and Skype sessions at the same rate as individual in person sessions.

Short-Term Therapy

We provide short-term therapy for crisis situations, short-term solutions to problems, for pre-marital counseling, couples counseling, and for hypnotherapy for addictions (e.g. smoking cessation). Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes


I do not take or bill insurance.  However, if your plan is a PPO, my services may be partially covered, and I can provide you with a monthly statement of services, which you can submit for reimbursement. Be sure to check with your insurance company for your plan’s mental health coverage for ‘out of network’ providers. In addition, if you have an HSA with an associated payment card that has a Visa or MasterCard logo, you can typically use that card to pay for our sessions.

Using your insurance to pay for therapy has benefits and risks. While it can certainly lower the cost of services, it typically will require me to assign a mental health diagnosis to you. This is something that will become a part of your medical record and can impact your ability to obtain life insurance in the future, among other things. Another note: many insurance plans state that they cover couples counseling, but often they do this by requiring a diagnosis to be assigned to one member of the couple.

It’s also important to recognize that using your insurance can impact your ability to control your therapy, as your insurer may limit the number of sessions or what you work on in sessions.

Out of Pocket

If you can afford to pay out of pocket, there are several advantages to not use insurance for payment.

  • Paying out of pocket gives you protection and control over your therapy because it denies managed care providers access to your therapy records. This ensures that your health-insurance company cannot access the diagnosis or treatment information that we would need to share with them, information that could potentially be used to deny you access to specific treatments or keep you from changing insurers should you lose your job.


  • Sometimes managed care providers dictate how your therapy should proceed, despite having little of no background or skill in the provision of psychotherapy. Their main objective is to keep their costs as minimal as possible. We prefer that to work together with YOU to determine how long we will work together, how often we schedule our sessions, what we work on and how we proceed.


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